Coffee Stains Removed

imagesCoffee is one of the most difficult stain to remove from carpets, and rugs, Carpet Cleaning Croydon, has a special coffee stain remove to get these tanning stains from your carpets. After the have been removed, it is recommended that you have the carpets cleaned, to get all the carpets looking the same, then once they are clean, have them protected, with Scotchguard, this will prevent stains if you spill another drink or food on it, the stain will be able to be blotted up, with kitchen towel, saving you from having to have your carpets cleaned again. It is recommended to have them clean on a regular basis. Carpet cleaning regular will prevent your carpets from wearing out prematurely. This will save you money in the long run.

Weight loss

imagesWeight loss

Statistics show that over one billion people worldwide have weight issues and the number keeps rising everyday. Some of these people are aware while some do not. You may be wondering whether you are overweight or not. Being overweight means that your Basic Mass Index (BMI) is 30kg/m2. This is done by diving your weight in kg by your height in meters squared. Loosing weight is not an easy thing but according to, it is not as hard as people think if your just set your mind to it.
In, there are a few simple steps to get the desired weight. The first thing is to accept that you have a problem. Secondly, find help. As i said before, loosing weight is not an easy task so you will need help from either a friend or a professional for motivation and direction. Set up a programme. This way you do not loose track of where you are going. In, many people struggling with weight admit that they started loosing weight without planning which made them get lost along the way. Finally, startyourweightloss says that setting goals is very important which will also motivate you.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

imagesEnd of Tenancy Cleaning London

Bathrooms need a lot of care and need to be absolutely clean and above all, high level of hygiene need to be maintained. This is because the accumulated soap residue may cause accidents if one steps on the floor and slips and due to the damp conditions, harmful bacteria can be present. Our end of tenancy cleaning team ensures that all aspects of your bathroom are looked into leaving the area spotless clean. Some of the areas where our experts pay special attention include: the bath and toilet basin which need to be thoroughly cleaned including mirrors cupboards and other fixtures. Lighting fittings, skirtings are dusted while the windows and doors are properly cleaned inside and outside. The tiles, floor and shower screen as well are the shower needs to be descaled. Last but not least, bathroom mats and carpets can be steam cleaned. This provides a holistic cleaning experience for your bathroom. Additional bathroom items and fixtures can be included as per individual requirements.

Acquiring Money Through Log Book Loans

indexAcquiring Money Through Log Book Loans

In times of financial turmoil, people look for alternative means of securing themselves from the bankruptcy ordeal. The most common and widely preferred means to counter such crisis is through application of loans. For one to acquire loans there are always guarantees that must be produced. This is known as the secured loan while there are those that no assets are pledged and these are the unsecured loans. A good example of secured loan are the log book loans.


Thus what are log book loans? This is a form of securing a loan on the debtor’s vehicle as the lender retains the vehicles logbook or relevant certificates. This form of loan is always fast as it can take as less as fifteen minutes since it only require verification and agreements.


Usually, debtor’s can always borrow money depending on the price of their vehicles, only that you can’t be offered the same amount as the car’s price since the lender considers factors such as depression in price of the vehicle.


The interests paid are usually higher that the interests offered in banks. This is because the debtors may fail to repay the loan so the interest tend to cover such risks.

Failure to repay the loan, the lender always has the legal right to seize your vehicle without a court order. They can then sell the car and if the price is not sufficient to repay the complete loan, he or she can take you to court.


Should one be in a good financial position, it is always advisable to repay the loan as early as possible as some lenders will not charge the settlement fee.

Using Garcinia Cambogia as a Weight Loss Supplement?

imagesUsing Garcinia Cambogia as a Weight Loss Supplement?


Garcinia Cambogia is a plant with the appearance of a miniature green pumpkin. Hydroxycitric acid is the active ingredient in the skin of Garcinia Cambogia. What purpose does this ingredient serve? Research shows that it can lead to weight loss. Unfortunately, that doesn’t guarantee Garcinia Cambogia is a reliable weight loss supplement.


Garcinia Cambogia has been thoroughly tested on rats and the overwhelming result is that it prevents rats from increasing weight. Upon eating this supplement, rats exhibited minimal body fat increases from carbohydrates. Also, rats tested showed a decrease in appetite.


Humans aren’t always affected by the same supplements as rats


Unfortunately, just because a weight loss supplement is effective for rats doesn’t mean results are the same with humans. Our bodies work differently than rats. So does Garcinia Cambogia actually improve weight loss in humans? Based on human testing, the answer is yes and no. The results have been inconsistent. Most humans using Garcinia Cambogia only see minimal results.


The main problem with using this supplement in an attempt to lose weight is there is no proof it actually works. In some studies, users saw some weight loss when mixed with a healthy diet. However, we haven’t seen any studies that prove the weight loss is significant or, at the very least, this plant has lead to a decrease in appetite.

Garcinia cambogia extract side effects

imagesGarcinia cambogia extract side effects

Garcinia cambogia is a fruit extract that is derived from a plant that is found in South East Asia. The popularity of this fruit is due to it weight loss properties as it helps people to lose weight without any side effects. You will not experience Garcinia cambogia extract side effects as it is a fruit extract and hence it is a completely natural product which reduces the possibility of any apparent side effects. If a person adheres to correct dosage requirements, he/she will not any side effects of using this supplement.


Garcinia cambogia extract side effects may be experience by people who are suffering from any kind of chronic disease or diabetes as it may lead to severe complications. Thus it is recommended that diabetic patients or lactating and pregnant women should avoid using this supplement as it may be harmful for their health. Using high quality supplement can also reduce the side effects of this supplement considerably.


Things To Consider When Choosing One Of The Cell Phone Spy Software

imagesThings To Consider When Choosing One Of The Cell Phone Spy Software Offered at

Cell phone spy software are crucial equipment which help people detect a cheating partner in marriage or relationship. These software are also useful for parents looking to spy on their children besides employers who wants to spy on their employees. There are a number of spy software options available which can be used differently. Therefore, when looking for the best phone spy software, you may need to know various things.

One of the main factors to determine is whether you want to spy on their messages or phone conversations. The two main phone spy software are made to alert spies on any conversation or messages done by the person you are spying on. It is important to decide when you want spy on-message-phone software or the spy on-phone-calls software.

Another essential factor would be also to determine whether such software are compatible with your phone. Some software would be compatible with nearly all kinds of Smart phones while others would be made for specific smart phones. To derive value from purchasing such software, you would need to get the one that is compatible with your phone.

Instead of being judgmental about Binary options trading explore the fact and get profit from it

imagesInstead of being judgmental about Binary options trading explore the fact and get profit from it

Being judgmental about new things is one of the most common human behavior and you can see this behavior in binary options trading as well. Although this is one of the most beneficial and least risky trading methods for all the traders, but then also few established or experienced traders avoid doing trading with this trading method. They keep on avoiding this trading method because they have some judgmental opinions about binary options that has nothing to do with reality.

In case you are also not doing the binary options trading because you have trust on any of these baseless opinion, then it is suggested that you should learn the facts before trusting on these opinions. Once you will learn the fact about binary options trading, you will start seeing all the profits as well that you can get with this trading option and after that you will not hesitate at all with binary trading.

Limo Service.

imagesLimo Service.

Searching for limo services in Southern California? ALS Limo & Car Services is the best solution. Their staff is fully committed to provide the company`s customers with world-class limo fleet service unequaled from that of any other limo company. The company provides luxury transportation needs. ALS Limo & Car Services has been always recognized as the truly premier provider of limousine fleet service in Los Angeles County and also Orange County.

The company believes in establishing long-term and strong relationships with their customers. Their approach to every transportation service is to perform it perfectly in a manner that will exceed their customer`s expectations of safety, reliability, quality and professionalism. The company`s limousine fleet, stylish and well-maintained, continues to go beyond and above in limo services it offers its customers. The company`s expert drivers are knowledgeable and courteous. These chauffeurs will treat your passengers or even you as VIPs.

In conclusion, ALS Limo & Car Services is the premier provider of limousine service in Southern California.

Why Should You Opt for an iPhone 5 Screen Protector?

imagesWhy Should You Opt for an iPhone 5 Screen Protector?

Using iPhone 5 screen protectors is one of the main things that any iPhone owner should consider. A quality screen protector helps your device look as good as new, so in case you will want to sell it later, it will have a higher market value. Applying a screen protector is a very simple process that can be performed by yourself. All you need to do is decide what type of protective sheet you would like to use, then start prepping your phone. You should usually use a cleaning solution and a soft cloth to remove all grease marks and dust particles. Once the screen has been cleaned, you need to adjust the sheet and place it accordingly, making sure that no bubbles form during this process. If you use a thin screen protector, you will probably need to change it every once in a while, so your phone is always protected.

Purely holistic Turmeric Curcumin Supplements

Why buy turmeric curcumin supplements from certified companies?

Why buy purely holistic turmeric curcumin supplements from certified companies? First, this is an opportunity for you to save money when buying when compared to what other companies may be offering. This has made them be in the best position when compared to what the market offers. When buying from the certified companies, you will always be sure that you will be getting the best products when buying compared to what the market offers. The above is the main reason why many people are buying when compared to want the market offers. �

How do you get these companies? You can always do your research on the internet and through the reviews of the customers who have used the supplement, you can always make the best choice. You may also prefer seeking information from the medical experts who have experience. They will always help you make the best choice when buying especially from these experts.



Buy Facebook Likes from a Reliable Source

imagesBuy Facebook Likes from a Reliable Source

When you’re promoting your business, creating a professional-looking website is not the only thing that can help bring in more customers. One of the most powerful forms of advertising includes social media. After you’ve decided to create a facebook page to showcase the high-quality products or services that your business sells, it’s time to make it popular. Instead of waiting for weeks or even moths until people discover your newly created page, you can kick-start this process and buy facebook likes. Your page will look more attractive and interesting when people see how many fans your business has. With, you can get facebook likes very easily and without any risks. As opposed to other services that can cause your page to be disabled by facebook, the likes you purchase from this source are safe and will only improve your page. Start increasing your sales today by ordering real facebook likes.

Tools used on how to build a website

Tools used on how to build a websiteimages

Behind every catchy website is a set of tools used in creating it. Therefore, before you make your own website, you need to carefully select the set of tools to use in making it. This however depends on a variety of factors such as the usability of the website, the amount of content in the website, the ease of navigation of the website among others. These tools that you need to carefully vet for an elegant and fully functional website include:

The Programming Language to Use

With various web design languages being used today, one needs to carefully vet them as to select the most versatile, most flexible and easiest to use. This is important as it determines the quality of the website as well as the compatibility of the site with other generic frameworks such as the search engines and host server requirements. A good programming language should also be easy to code without compromising with the quality of the end product.

The hosting packages available

Web hosting packages available today depend on the nature of hosting desired as well as the amount of data available to be hosted. Therefore, you need to carefully select the web hosting package that best suits your needs. This is important as it helps you cut on web hosting costs while retaining an excellent internet presence with a reliable up-time rate.

Ancillary web design programs

These are programs or softwares designed fro use in making websites as an alternative to undertaking coding. If you intend to use such a program in undertaking your web design, you should carefully select the best program that helps you achieve the best results within the shortest time possible and with minimal strain. In addition to this, the program used should be compatible with other online pages.


Infusionsoft Add-ons and Extras

imagesInfusionsoft Add-ons and Extras

Infusionsoft users have every reason to smile for the immense benefits that come with the add-on softwares designed to work on Infusionsoft’s platform. These help you unleash the full potential of your Infusionsoft program as well as helping you have an enhanced customer experience while using the program as your business automation solution. These add-ons and extras include:

Marketplace by Infusionsoft

Whether a writer or designer, this is a special Infusion add-on that allows you develop quality marketing content and achieve a high degree of integration. Whatever you need for your business success, Infusionsoft offers you an excellent solution allowing you find Infusionsoft Certified developers and consultants.

GroSocial facility

This facility allows you track your customers and prospects for a higher number of leads as well as higher number of instant leads. In addition to this, you are able to create excellent social medial promotions, branded profiles and well as track your results. Consequently, you get better performance in your sales leading to higher profits.


This is a specialty add-on app that allows you to create password-protected membership sites as well as automate collections.

Infusionsoft Sync for Outlook and Gmail

Infusionsoft offers two additional app add-ons for use in Infusionsoft platform. Through Sync for Outlook, you are able to connect your emailing list to your Outlook content making it easy to create customized emails from Outlook via your Infusionsoft email. On the other hand, Sync for Gmail, you are able to link your Gmail content with your Infusionsoft content leading to enhanced email contact list. We thank our user for leaving a infusionsoft review

The best anti aging skin product

indexThe best anti aging skin product for younger looking skin.

If you want to look younger then you can achieve it with the help of best anti aging skin product. It is the best way to look and feel vibrant and young along with getting rid of sagging neck, those age spots, the dry blotch skin and wrinkles around your mouth and eyes. These are the most common skin problem that can make you worried and you have been trying about all the skin care products that are advertised on television, newspaper and magazines. But most of these skin care products do not live up to the expectations.


If you want to start living a new and better life with healthy looking and beautiful skin then the best way is to use the best anti aging skin product. This product that is available in the market contains elastin and collagen and these are the substances can help your skin to get healed so that you can bring back the youthful feel and look. These substances are also very effective in reforming your skin so that it appears glowing and also toned. The most important substance that is found in the best anti aging skin product is known as Cynergy TK which is a natural substance that causes your body to produce the natural supply of collagen as this substance is the primary ingredient of most of the skin products. It also helps you to achieve a youthful skin that you have been dreaming for years.

Thus if you want to get a youthful and younger looking skin then don’t waste your money on different skin care products that don’t work but buy the best anti aging skin product that can deliver its promise for giving you a younger looking skin. The results of this product are always guaranteed so that you can get positive outcomes.


Landlord Insurance products

imagesLandlord Insurance products

What insurance products are there for policy holders in the Landlord insurance have through their site, Here are some of the products that will benefits from after taking Landlord insurance;


1. Public liability insurance: The insurance is to keep you safe from the public especially the liabilities that might takes place during when working in your office.

2. Accident and malicious cover: This is an insurance cover for the tenant as well as the accidents.

3. Emergency assistance insurance: The cover will protect you against glass, keys, doors, and boilers. This definitely makes it one of the best cover if want to protect your property against unknown liabilities in the future.

4. Building insurance: This will protect you from the flooding, fire and subsidence thus enabling you to have a peaceful mind.

5. Loss of rent insurance: This insurance cover is to protect you against rent as well as the mortgage that are available in the market.


Plumbing Companies Edmonton

imagesHome Plumbing

When you need any plumbing help for your house in Edmonton, then it is suggested that you should choose plumbing companies Edmonton instead of choosing an individual contractor for this. With a company you can have assurance of best quality as they prefer to hire only the best technicians for this job. Also these companies prefer to use most advanced equipments for the plumbing work so they can do the best plumbing work for you.

Another great benefit that you can get plumbing companies Edmonton is that they buy work accident insurance for their workers, which is not very popular among individual contractors. This insurance can make sure you are protected from all kind of legal issues in case of any accident and you don’t have to pay the medical fees as well if any of these problems comes to you while people do the plumbing work at your residence or business place.



If you are a chain smoker and you want to quit your smoking habit or you are looking for a healthy alternative of tobacco cigarettes, then E-Cigarette can be a best option for you. In case you do not know what E-Cigarette is, how it works or what are the benefits that you can get with it, then you don’t have to worry about it because I will share that with you in this article.

E-Cigarette is also known as electronic Cigarette and this is a well known smoking device that allows you to do the smoking in a less harmful manner. To give you the smoking feeling eclectically it use a very simple but highly effective method in which it deliver the nicotine vapor to your tongue and you get the smoking sensation in healthy manner.

Talking about the working mechanism and parts of electronic cigarette it is made of four parts out of which first part is light that glow when smoker puff in the cigarette it glow. Second part is battery that gives the power to vaporizer of E-Cigarette, third part is vaporizer or heating plate that heat the liquid of cartirdige. The fourth and last part is cartridge or mouthpiece that contains the nicotine liquid with flavor and you can do your smoking with it.

When you puff in from mouthpiece of your E-Cigarette then it glow the light and this puff also activate the atomizer that get heated with the help of battery power. Due to this heating nicotine flavored liquid get heated and transform into vapor that you inhale and you get the feeling of smoking with it.

Talking about benefits E-Cigarettes it allows you to smoke at any place, it is healthy alternative of traditional tobacco smoking and it is completely safe for other people because it do not excrete an harmful chemical such as tar, carbon mono oxide or similar other things.

Laws on Smoking e-cigs in Restaurants

Laws on Smoking e-cigs in Restaurants

E-cigs are becoming more common in society. This is because they have been viewed as alternatives to traditional smoking. Electronic cigarettes are composed of battery-powered plastic sticks with vaporized nicotine. Manufacturers say that the content released by the e-cigs is not harmful smoke but rather moisture or vapor. In this regard, having laws to regulate the electronic gadgets has not been mainstreamed. More specifically, restaurants are treating smoking of e-cigs on a case-by-case basis. Some restaurants will not allow the smoking of these gadgets while others do not have any problem with it. The truth is that many people are in the process of familiarizing themselves with this new mode of smoking.

In California, the local authorities are looking into putting in place some legislation that will determine whether or not e-cigs are smoked in restaurants and other public places. Other locations have not reached this point but many restaurants have not banned the use of e-cigs at all. Many restaurant owners say that it is less than a handful of people that will be spotted smoking and if they are not interfering with other customers, there is no good reason to ban this trend just yet. The fact that e-cigs do not emit smoke that can affect people like traditional smoking makes it a bit bearable in this regard.

However, some restaurants are not taking chances and have already put in place policies that regulate the use of e-cigs in their restaurants. Those who have gone this direction advise e-cig smokers to use designated areas to smoke or do it outside away from restaurant customers and premise. With this respect, there is no major legislation that has been reported in various localities about this new-age smoking alternative. However, as they become more popular, it is only inevitable that restaurant owners and the general public will seek to have some form of law put in place; if they feel there is a need to do so. For now, you will have to inquire from the restaurant you visit whether they allow e-cig smoking or not to enjoy your puff. If it is advice you need click here to read more e cig Canada

Current Version Plugin Facebook Video Calling Plugin

Obviously, audio and video chatting are now actually feasible in Facebook because of facebook and skype video phoning plug-in, merely provides an substitute method of carrying it out. The present edition of the plugin assists combine the Firefox browser and the Facebook video phoning pc software, helping you to create video calls to your Facebook buddies through your browser. The Present Version Plugin Facebook Video-calling Plugin isn’t a disease or malware, it’s recommended that you simply keep up with the software enabled for Firefox to work correctly.
In relationship with Microsoft’s Skype, Facebook today enables you to video-call your pals. For that folks who are already acquainted with the performance of Skype software, they could effortlessly differentiate how this new feature works. This really is because of the proven fact that it creates utilization of Skype capability for making a video-call.
Deploy :
Simply available a discussion windowpane having a contact and click the web-cam image like image below, to begin a video chat utilizing Facebook Video Chat.
Press video-calling fb switch
Demonstrably, this involves them to truly have a webcam installed or perhaps a speaker if you like to begin a sound discussion installed. Current Version Plugin Facebook Video Calling Plugin

The best acne treatment available

ac5So you’re stressing out about your acne and naturally you’re on the search for the best acne treatment in the world. First let me say I am sorry that you’re needing to have the whole acne point.

I’m your pain. I used to get bad acne also and I remember how awkward it is. From the feeling like everyone could concentrate on only my acne. I had been on a mission to find an acne treatment that would fix my terrible problem.

What I discovered quickly was that a lot of the remedies for acne that were available were not enough on their own. Then I discovered the best acne treatment available

You see, you’ve to consider acne as something that affects you from the inside-out, rather from just the surface where it lies. It’s hard for a lot of people to produce that distinction because.well it is on your skin. But the fact is that the reason that it is on your skin has less to do with the fact that your skin is contaminated, but more to do with the fact that the toxins and poisons want to escape your system.

Usually it is toxic substances within your body. Toxins come from a variety of sources like the air we breathe and the water we drink therefore it is a little bit difficult to break free from them completely.

Other cases may be hormonal, which again is really a problem from within your body, but just shows on the outside.

Such things as aloe vera is known for years to be an anti-inflammatory for the skin. Works great. But there are a lot of things that you can consume, at the same time as use on your skin that will nourish your body to the point where the acne is no longer a problem, because there are no longer things going on which is why you’ve to suffer symptoms.

Therefore what happens is that people will try to find that single best acne treatment in the world and quickly realize that they do not work as they are supposed to.which leads to only a bunch of discouragement.

And so the truth is that there’s nobody product that can heal your acne. Acne is a symptom of other things that are going on within you basically.which can be a plethora of different things.

The easiest way to care for the problem of acne consequently is. you guessed it.from the within out. Fortuitously nature has given us some of the best solutions in the world for acne and a bunch of other things that will affect us negatively.

Clash of clans glitch

ct11This can be a one hundred thousand working hack device for Clash clans Cheats – Hack Tools 2013
Conflict of the 2013 Hack gold and Klany for rules whilst the application for The Truly Epic Game, the game includes role playing and method on mobile phones and devices, and obviously your friends played or began internet against Internet friends. How a hack is developed really advanced level to you the very best choices that simply take your breath away once the jewels are available in coins and will begin using the battle of Klany Hack countless jewls, precious stones and Coins, No need to spend a huge fortune
You will see that there are one hundred thousand working hack device for Clash clans Cheats  Hack Tools
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c7It’s electronic e-puff having an Electronic or e-cigarette is gaining in popularity, with nicotine tubes and e-liquids electronic cigarettes brands are available in the market, passed FDA reviews.

E-cigarettes have a liquid tube full of propylene glycol, a common chemical utilized in foods. It’s vaporized right into a water, mimicking cigarette smoke.

Experts say when all smokers in the entire world changed from regular tobacco cigarettes to digital cigarettes, it may save countless lives.

Electronic E-cigarettes FDA evaluations health safety, models without nicotine. Read the electronic cigarette reviews at our website. There is also a finacila implication, as now this a cheaper alternative to the regular cigarettes, and these can be smoke anywhere, including inflight, bars, restaurants, hotels and just about any other place you can think of.


Get a PPI Refund

p8This is a brief post describes about PPI claims within the Uk. Additionally, additional clients didn’t possess the insurance told them precisely, and in some instances the insurance was even put into the mortgage with no customer being conscious of it. Clients who’ve been a sufferer of the PPI mis-selling qualify for payment.

Cost Protection Insurance (PPI) guidelines were offered by all of the major banks and banking institutions in the united kingdom.

The banks and banking institutions that have been responsible of PPI mis-selling are prone to pay settlement to whoever has a legitimate claim against them. It’s feasible for anybody to claim on their own, and there’s lots of data obtainable in professional monetary publications, and on the Web to permit anyone to do that.

There’s also numerous professional PPI statements businesses, who will assist people by their understanding of the right procedures to check out, and by evaluating whether their claim may be legitimate. A spokesperson for among the professional statements businesses has described that his organization alone has retrieved 40 thousand GBP in payment for his customers.

Exactly the same spokesman believed that that barely a large number of those permitted state had actually done therefore. Lots of people didn’t realize that they’d been impacted, and others felt that the statements procedure could be complex and challenging.

In different instances, the insurance was offered to individuals who could never claim.

Additional classes of individuals, including police, nurses, and lecturers, happen to be guarded by very great sickness advantages of their employer, and therefore had no requirement for the sickness safety supplied underneath the PPI policy.

That actually incorporated instances where in actuality the insurance expired following a certain period of time, and the client was remaining paying attention on an insurance policy which no further offered any safety.

The organization will manage to evaluate your case, and they’ll help you make your claim if you’ve a case. In the meantime you can use this free ppi calculator.

Secrets of Garcinia-Cambogia

images14Garcinia Cambogia Review

There are a large number of people out there who wish to learn how to use Garcinia Cambogia. They’d like to slim down, but just don’t have the best data, motivation and knowledge on the best way to begin. I will describe my trip and the merchandise I chose together with precisely what I’d to do to lose weight. Certainly one of my favourite and most successful weight reduction services and products I use on an everyday basis is known as Garcinia Cambogia. I will just take the next few paragraphs to explain how to use it and the advantages of incorporating it in to your daily weight loss program.

Garcinia-cambogia is just a fruit grown in the tropical elements of Asia. The fruit resembles a pumpkin, only it’s a reddish, yellow-ish, greenish colour. It’s been used over time by the residents for issues such as rheumatism, menstrual issues, toxin removal and digestion. In addition it makes dishes feel more filling. Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) is the essential natural active element that helps support weight management.

I started to use Garcinia-cambogia 3 days before. I decided that I wished to lose a few pounds and after exploring the various services and products out there I decided that this system was the very best for me. I had been interested in how to utilize this specific product and how medical benefits. After just one week of using Garcinia-cambogia I lost 2 pounds.  I was a bit discouraged at first as I didn’t exactly learn how to use it.